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Report on the electricity market in 2022 for an industrial customer

For an industrial customer who was pressured into a new electricity supply contract by his energy supplier in 2022, an expert opinion was prepared on the situation in the electricity market in summer 2022 in view of the turbulence in the European gas market and the resulting consequences


Hydrogen production and imports to Germany

The commercial contractual terms of the German central purchasing organization G2Global/HintCo were examined for a potential hydrogen producer/supplier.


Procurement of new LNG quantities

Discussions about the possible completion of LNG deliveries to Europe were initiated and supported with LNG producers and interested European buyers.



Report for a court on oil and gas projects in the USA

The investment prospectuses of an investor for oil and gas exploration projects in Texas and Alaska were analyzed with regard to the energy industry statements and premises at the time the prospectuses were prepared. The economic viability and risk profiles, for example the assessment of the discovery and productivity of the drilling and the shipment of the products to the market, were analyzed.


Upgrading a mothballed oil pipeline for the future German hydrogen transport network

After a pig inspection, amouthballed oil pipeline is to be upgraded as a hydrogen pipeline as part of the future hydrogen transport network in Germany. An income calculation was carried out on the basis of the ordinance on costs and fees for access to hydrogen networks that was passed at the end of 2021. 



Project of hydrogen production of an offshore wind farm

Technical and economic analysis of alternative technologies for hydrogen production, storage and transport for an offshore wind farm in the Baltic. Evaluation and prioritization of different scenarios regarding production and storage location and transport requirements.


New strategic positioning of a European CNG & LNG filling station operator

Analysis of the political framework and objectives as well as the current and future regulatory facts of the European energy and fuel market with a focus on individual European countries. Identification and quantification of economic and technical market drivers. Short, medium and long term projection of various fossil and alternative fuels market segments.


Acquisition of LNG Filling station operator

Due Diligence of a leading German LNG station operator. Detailed business and market analysis including valuation of assets and services. Specific analysis of Bio-LNG supply contracts and long-term evaluation of LNG market potentials against the background of regulatory changes in Germany.


Port of Wilhelmshaven, Renewable Energy Port Germany - 2021

Strategic assessment of the port of Wilhelmshaven, a leading German import port for fossil energies (oil, oil products and coal), landing of Norwegian gas import pipelines and offshore wind power cables with regard to the challenges and opportunities as a future import terminal and hub for renewable energies. Detailed SWOT analysis, future positioning including definition of concrete measures to establish the port in Wilhelmshaven as an import hub for hydrogen, PtX products and offshore electricity including storage capacities and large conversion capacities. 



Fundamentals of an LNG Strategy for the Federal State Lower Saxony

Study of a future LNG industry based on planned LNG import terminals in Germany, thereof two in the state of Lower Saxony. LNG import terminal infrastructures should assist in increased gas supply quantities to Germany and the diversification of supplies, since German pipeline imports are increasingly limited to a very few producing areas.  Indigenous production and imports from Denmark, UK and Netherlands have ceased or are phasing out.


Nov 2019

Developments in the global LNG market and impacts for the small scale LNG

26th and 27th of November 2019,


EUROFORUM-Conference Small Scale LNG

Hamburg, Germany

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Nov 2019

Underground storage in Germany - strategic perspective

14th of November 2019,


Customer conference of UGS GmbH

Mittenwalde, Germany

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Feb 2019

Europe`s Gas Market -Swing Off-Taker in the LNG World Market –Pricing Dynamics and Outlook, Changes to Trading Routes

18 February 2019,


Thessaloniki, Greece

Presentation by: Christoph Merkel

Merkel Energy GmbH, Hamburg


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Okt 2018

Merkel Energy joins Gazprom monitoring trustee team

On 24 May 2018, the EU Commission imposed binding commitments on Gazprom to allow the free supply of natural gas at competitive prices on eight Central and Eastern European gas markets.

Feb 2018

The Risk of an L-Gas Supply Crisis in Germany – Mitigate or Litigate?

February 2018

Andrej Pustišek, Christoph Merkel, Michael Karasz, Iñaki Merkel de Gurtubay

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Okt 2017

LNG infrastructure on the German North Sea coast considering particularly suitable locations (only in German)

Study by Merkel Energy, published by MARIKO GmbH (Leer) in its function as GreenShipping Compentence Centre Lower Saxony, together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Oldenburg, the Wilhelmshavener Port Industry Association and the Maritime Strategic Council Weser-Ems. The subject was the investigation of the market potential of LNG on the German market and the potential locations on the German North Sea coast for the construction of a German LNG import terminal.

Sep 2017

Quo Vadis EU gas market regulatory framework: Expert Opinion


September 2017

Prepared by Christoph Merkel (Merkel Energy GmbH), Andrej Pustišek (2Pi Energy GmbH), Michael Karasz (THE ENERGY HOUSE GmbH).

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Jun 2016

Comparing and Contrasting Pipeline Contracts and LNG Contracts

6th Annual Congress on Successfully Negotiating & Renegotiating Long Term Gas Supply Contracts

30th June & 1st July 2016 Berlin, Germany

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