contract negotiations

Especially in the context of dynamic changes in the energy markets, long-term contracts can be elementary components for the economic future of the contracting parties. What is the ideal commercial structure for new contracts for your company? How and in which points should existing contracts be optimised or adapted?


Merkel Energy has many years of experience in negotiating, coordinating and structuring contractual supply and service relationships along the entire value chain, i.e. from the producer to the wholesaler/importer to the municipal utility or industrial customer.


In new contracts or commercial negotiations, e.g. within the framework of contractually defined revision cycles, we contribute our energy industry, sector-specific and contractual know-how to your contract negotiations. We develop negotiation strategies and contribute ideas for design options that meet current and future industry/market requirements (e.g. due to changed economic conditions).


Due to the particular market dynamics of the LNG and gas markets and in particular against the background of changing political conditions, price revisions between the energy market partners are not uncommon and are more common in long-term contracts. The experts at Merkel Energy had been involved in numerous German, European and international price and contract revisions.


In price revision proceedings we accompany either plaintiffs or defendants and support them as experts or witnesses in arbitration proceedings or as specialists and consultants in the background.


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