Energy Transition

In the field of energy system transformation, Merkel Energy deals with regulatory issues, development of new markets, cross-border or direct marketing and financial assessments. We further divide our Energy Transition market into more specialized niche segments: Renewable Energies, Alternative Fuels and Sector Coupling.

market divisions

Renewable Energy

Alternative Fuels

Sector Coupling

The declared goal of the European member states is to play a leading role worldwide in the use of renewable energies and the timely implementation of low-emission mobility.


To this end, considerable efforts have been made in recent years to develop renewable generation capacities in the fields of wind, photovoltaics and biomass. In Germany in particular, the introduction of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in 2000 led to the early installation of renewable power and heat supply systems. In 2017, 160 GW of electricity generation capacity was already installed in Europe for wind power, 114 GW for photovoltaics and 9 GW for biomass.


The legal framework in Europe and the member states forms the basis for this development. The national objectives, ideas and framework conditions differ considerably, with the consequence that funding and market systems are very different and largely incompatible with each other. This entails considerable risks when making investment decisions, especially as market participants can only gain access to neighbouring energy markets within the EU, if at all, thanks to the greatest efforts and expertise.


In addition to regulation, technological development in the generation, storage and distribution of energy is another driver of the energy revolution. Continuous and disruptive developments in recent years have pushed the market for renewable energies in Europe to a total market share of 30%. However, combined with the positive development, complexity has also increased, posing growing challenges for investors, utilities, customers and governments.


We support our customers in the areas of renewable energy, alternative fuels and at the interface between these markets and the gas and heating markets.