strategy development

When entering the market, the greatest challenge faced by our customers is to prepare their businesses for existing as well as future challenges while at the same time sustainably increase the profit.


We, therefore, support our clients in identifying and developing the essential features that distinguish them from the competition and make them unique for their customers (value proposition). Our consultants support the customer in the further development and alignment of his value chain to their selected target segment/s.


The starting position and objectives vary greatly depending on the markets and business areas. At one end, there are considerably standardized markets, such as electricity and gas, with high levels of competition and low growth rates, while on the other, there are highly dynamic markets, such as alternative fuels or renewable energies, with low volumes and strong dependence on regulatory developments.


Our core competencies are in the areas of:

Growth strategy: We support companies in selecting new business areas as well as developing business models for these respective niches. Our strategies comprise of unique interrelationships between strengths and weaknesses and success-critical factors. This, not only, enables our clients to build a new perspective on potential benefits and risks but to come up with best possible business designs.


Sales strategy: We support our clients in evaluating the current market situation and at recognizing future areas for development. Based on their very specific positions, relevant target segments are defined and the competitive advantages are underscored. The strategic targets are specified by designing the marketing mix (product, price/conditions, sales channels and communication).


IT strategy: We support our clients at developing wholesome IT strategies that include meeting the IT systems, functions and customer interfaces, the growing requirements and cost pressure while keeping in pace with technological progress.


Workshops: We offer our clients the opportunity to evaluate their specific situation within the framework of workshops and to derive or prioritise strategic options and define their requirements.


We are distinguished by our knowledge of the European energy market and the mechanisms of competition as well as the relevant success criteria and by our close monitoring of their development on a daily basis. This enables us to think through the complex framework conditions and strategic challenges of our clients and to develop tailor-made solutions.


Dr. Christoph Merkel


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