LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is growing worldwide. The expansion of liquefaction and regasification capacities in recent years has led to a sharp increase in LNG trading. This trend will continue in the coming years. Additional liquefaction capacities, particularly in the USA, Qatar and Australia, will further increase LNG volumes, while the main sales market for LNG is the Asia-Pacific region.


The liberalisation of the Asian LNG markets should lead to greater competition, price transparency and the creation of trading points in the Asia-Pacific region. Long-term LNG supply contracts linked to oil prices will become less important. Spot deliveries are becoming increasingly important worldwide. New LNG supply contracts are concluded with greater flexibility and shorter durations.


Europe is the ultimate market for LNG surpluses due to high unused import terminal capacities.


In Europe, LNG plays an important role in the markets of Southern Europe. LNG is also becoming increasingly important in northwestern Europe.


The EU Commission is promoting investment in new LNG import infrastructures. Due to the sharp decline in European natural gas production, LNG is expected to play an important role in procurement competition with pipeline gas and in increasing security of supply.


A new and growing market segment is small-scale LNG and thus the use of LNG as a clean and environmentally friendly fuel in shipping and heavy goods traffic.



How much LNG can the European gas market actually absorb and how do these volumes compete with pipeline gas?


From which countries does the export of LNG make economic sense and what is the position of US LNG deliveries?


What is the potential of LNG in the European transport sector?


With which LNG import terminals can LNG volumes be optimally brought to market?


When, how and by whom can a LNG infrastructure be created in Germany in view of the EU market regulation?


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