Long-term contracts are of great importance in the world of classical and renewable energies. However, if disputes arise, in the case of long-term contracts and negotiations within the framework of price revisions or other contractual provisions,  agreement between the parties cannot be reached easily and negotiations are usually continued in arbitration or conciliation. This often also applies to project-related cooperation contracts; if delays in project implementation occur or if the framework conditions have changed fundamentally. Disagreements between the parties may have a significant economic impact on the contract. Merkel Energy supports affected parties in representing their interests as experts before and during the entire arbitration proceedings.


We advise our clients on controversial/critical energy industry issues, energy industry practices and contractual standards resulting from supply and service relationships in the context of current market developments. We provide strategic and economic expert opinions, accompany you in court proceedings and/or are available as experts before the arbitration court for the settlement of legal and contractual disputes.


Our comprehensive national and international market knowledge and many years of experience in arbitration proceedings form a solid base.



Dr. Christoph Merkel


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