Natural gas is an important energy source in the heat supply of many developed countries. Natural gas also plays an important role in power generation with its flexible and comparatively low-emission power plants. Despite numerous economic and ecological advantages, natural gas plays a subordinate role in the German government's political planning.


Companies in the gas industry face a multitude of challenges. The gas market is characterized by intense competition and declining sales volumes. In addition, there are technical and regulatory changes. These developments pose major challenges for market participants. At the same time, the value chain itself has undergone structural changes. New models for gas procurement and marketing, especially to end customers in connection with a large number of energy services, have become established. Interactions with other sectors of the energy industry are increasing sharply, and arbitration procedures are becoming increasingly important.


Which business models can be used to ensure the success of the company?


What is the value of the gas supply system infrastructure and how will it develop under different scenarios?


How have the most important competitors positioned themselves in the market along the value chain and what strategy do they pursue?


What is the "minimum equipment" of the retail sales portfolio and what are the prospects for gas outside the traditional end-consumer segment? What is a successful gas procurement today?


What ways and means are there to reduce the CO2 footprint of your own product?


To what extent is the security of supply in Europe secured in the face of declining natural gas production and rising imports from Russia?


What role will gas play in the energy transition in the context of increasing coupling with other energy sectors ("sector coupling")?


+ Expert reports on supply

   security and the 

   transformation of the gas     

   and energy system

+ Market and competition


        STUDIES & REPORTS                + Analyses of long-term 

    trends and market     


Strategy development for

   established suppliers

+ Market entry strategies for

   producers, traders and 

   energy suppliers



Optimization of gas 

    procurement along the     

    entire process

+ Benchmarking and     

   optimization of structures

   in trade and sales



Support in negotiating long-

    term contracts between

    producers, dealers,

    infrastructure providers and


+ Conclusion and 

    CONTRACT NEGOTIATION             renegotiation of long and

                                                                 medium-term natural gas,                                                                       electricity and

                                                                 heat supply contracts

Expert opinions and experts

   for arbitration and 

   conciliation proceedings