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Merkel Energy follows current trends in the energy markets with a focus on electricity, gas/LNG, heat and sector coupling segments.


How will the European energy markets develop? What is the future of the energy transition in Germany (expansion, market and system integration of renewable energies)? Where and how are market structures, market shares, growth potential or sales channels changing? What effects do current market developments have on companies? 


Merkel Energy provides information on current market conditions and macroeconomic trends as a basis for successful corporate decisions. With our expertise in the German and European energy market, we develop market analyses for all market participants including producers, traders, infrastructure operators, energy service providers and/or large-scale consumers.


Which products and sales channels do your competitors use in the market and how are you positioned on the procurement side? How high are the margins along the value chain? How are your market opportunities and risks compared to the competition? What is the potential for differentiation?


Merkel Energy prepares analyses of the current competitive situation of energy producers, importers, regional suppliers and municipal utilities. We evaluate product portfolios, market shares, sales figures, etc., prepare strength-weakness analyses and benchmark analyses.



Dr. Christoph Merkel


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